jeudi 11 décembre 2014

A Year of Learning about Us

M: Dibilangin cari pacar hahaha. Atau cuekin aja sih, entar juga males dia
L: Nah entu die nyang suseh, Pak. -.-" Aku juga mau deh, tapi sopo sing mau? -.-a (jangan jawab "Kak *******"  -____-")
M: Kalo aku bilang aku mau gimana?
L: Kalo aku bilang mau juga gimana?

. . . . . . . . . . .

L: Tawaran yang tadi, beneran ga nih? Wakakakakakak! >:p
M: Beneran
L: Masih mau dijawab ga kak? Hahahah tadi panik maap kebiasaan hahahaha
M: Lah panik hahaha... Kalo jawabannya 'engga' sih mending ngga usah dijawab hahaha
L: Yaudah deh, dijawabnya besok aja biar tanggalnya bagus kak~

So, it's been a year, eh?
It seems like only yesterday you pulled-my-foot-and-almost-dragged-me when I was sitting in SBAL with my friends. You asked me to accompany you to Takor because you needed to buy a lighter. On our way there, you asked me (again) about it and I answered you with a "yes". I was trying so hard to hold this idiotic grin as I walked back to SBAL. I thought, “the hell just happened?” Hahahahaha~

Then the real study on us was finally started.

I learned about the frustration and the patience, of yours and mine.
I learned about the stubbornness and the maturity, of yours and mine.
I learned about the worries and the disappointments, of yours and mine.
I learned about the views on lives, families, and friends, of yours and mine.
I learned about the crazy antics and the serious dispositions, of yours and mine.
I learned about how to think and consider, at certain times, not just for myself but also for you, well, for us.
I learned about how we cannot stop each other from doing our own "things" so the greatest achievement would only be the sayings like, "jangan keseringan ya," or "jangan kebanyakan ya," or "jangan kelamaan ya..."
I learned about how, when one of us is too occupied, the other shall understand to make things easier for both of us.
I learned about how we need to constantly remind each other about events because both of us can be too "sekip" at times.
I learned about how either one of us may easily seek peacefulness in the presence of the other.
I learned about how we have a lot of things in common but we also have even more things that contradict.
I learned about how can a state be seen as a threat by others.

You are like a puzzle, a confusing and complicated one, and I'm still trying to arrange the pieces. You are like a riddle, a mysterious and intriguing one, and I'm still trying to figure it out. You are like a drug, a dangerous and addicting one, and I'm still trying to control the dose. You are like a remedy, a soothing and enlivening one, and I'm still trying to recuperate by the means of it. With each thought, dream, pain, sadness, and happiness, you keep trying to be there for me.

Hell, I still have a long way to go in order to get to know and try to understand you, and eventually us, even better. Again, what I have learned so far can always change as the time goes by. It is not always easy to understand and adjust with our conditions, but I’m willing to try harder if you are there with me all the way. As you already know, I can be a reaaaaally slow-learner at times... So I hope you still are (and will be) patient enough to cope with me. (>...<)

In the end, we will find a way to make it through, right?
Thank you for the feelings and adventures, Kak, do not be bored just yet. ;>

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