vendredi 24 décembre 2010

Dying While Doing


Damn, for the past, errmm, 7 days (I guess), I've been doing some reaaaaaaaaaaaally troublesome activities that are related to my school's TO (Trip Observasi). -_-'
I mean, as the Sekben (Sekretaris-Bendahara) of Logos (my team!
♥ it!), I have to do a friggin' lot of things! The shits like collecting the money, knowing every information that relates to the team, contacting my team members, making papers, informing and reminding my Danru (Komandan Regu), providing a place where we can make our nametags, and many other things that I can't remember right now, or I don't know about them yet..

All of those things made my hands stiff for days, my feet are still somehow killing me, and my brain feels like it's going to explode in no time!

Not to mention that our nametags are still not finished, not even half way down..
Monday I have to continue making those nametags with my team and our Partner Team, Team 22 (sorry guys, especially Nabila, I forgot your team's name :3), along with our Kamits (?), Kak Hawa & Kak Glory..

Skip it! Complain, complain, complain, that's what I do..

Oh, and Razgovarivaet guys are planning on a reunion, they want to watch Indonesia VS. Malaysia together, and as usual, my place is in the first option of house candidates.. (what the hell am I trying to say?)
Yeah yeah, it's fine with me, though.. I mean, even my Mom asked me to ask my friends, if they want to throw a New Year's Eve Party at my house..

Hopefully all of those activities can be done with success.. *crossing my fingers a bit tighter*

jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Hey, Y'all!

Look look! I've changed my blog template! Yeah, it's still monotone and boring, but I seriously blame it on that stupid Template Designer which didn't load at all, even after I waited for almost a century! You doofuss! -_______-"
I'm still trying to work on it, so, just wait!

You know, I just got my report today! Oh, it's already 3 in the morning, so that makes it yesterday..
Well, some of the indicators don't pass on the minimum score, but they're not one of those Science Program subjects or Social Program subjects, so, I still thank God for them!

I didn't go to CCF. -.-'
Why? Because I had a car accident while going there. We're okay, but thanks to my stupid Mas Bayu, our car was damaged on its front. He said he was really sleepy, and he just woke up when our car hit the sidewalk. Great, Mas. Great.

I formerly wanted to tell you all the details about my News Casting Competition at Bakrie University last week, but after I was stuck at some point when I was writing the draft, I decided to sum it up because I'm just too lazy to describe every single thing about it.

On D-day (Thursday, December 9, 2010), I came to the Bakrie University too early. A bit sucked, I had to wait like, an hour in the car, because I didn't want to get inside the university and just stood there like an idiot without no one to talk to.
Skip it, and I successfully mingled (sounds so desperate, doesn't it?) with some participants, they're really nice! Of course there are a few of them that I didn't really like, but, whatever!
Skip it, and my turn to perform finally arrived! Aaaaarrgh, I felt seriously fucking nervous, I was number 3, for crying out loud! After I finished, I felt super relieved!
Me and my new friends took hundreds of pictures with one of my friend's laptop while we were waiting for the judges to count our scores, it was really really fun! We also exchanged numbers and Facebook accounts to keep in touch after the competition.
Finally, the Announcement of the Semi-Final Participants! There were nineteen participants for it, but there would only be ten participants for the Semi-Final round. I thought, "Oh shit, I'm definitely gonna be one of the nine participants that don't make it."
But I got the seventh place! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
If you were there, I'm sure you'd laugh your asses off when you saw my face! I was shocked, and I'm 100% sure that my facial expression looked so stupid!

On the Semi-Final Round that was held on Saturday, the finalists had to report the surroundings from a video, and each participant got a different video. The committee sent us some materials for our own video the night before, so we could study it and wouldn't feel really nervous on stage. I got the materials for some series of explosions in Detroit's chemical plant, wew.
And once again, I came too early, and I had to wait for an hour again. -_________-"
When we all gathered while waiting for the competition to start, I watched my friends' preparations, and for the love of God, they were soooooooooo well-prepared! I, myself, all I did after I got the materials was just summarizing them. After that, I made my own news based on that summary, that's it! And Gawd, they were so much better than me!
The participants for the Final round were going to be reduced to just four participants. Four out of ten! Damn. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't make it again.
But in the end, I was wrong, again. I got the second place! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghh!

The Final round was held on the same day with the Semi-Final round, and our task is Brain Challenge!
Basically, the Brain Challenge was about debate! DAAAAAAAAAAMN!
And now, in a friggin' News Casting Competition, I have to debate??!!! What the fuck does that suppose to mean??!!! *throw some plates*
Inhale, exhale, Lu. Calm down, calm down.
This Final round was divided into two parts. One-on-one and two-on-two.
The first part, we were separated into two groups. I was debating with Kak Adlina, and Gloria was debating with Sarah. After my performance, I felt like a loser. The second part, Gloria and I were teamed, while Kak Adlina was partnered with Sarah. After that performance, I felt like a loser even more, because I didn't do any good for my team. I sucked more than Michael do. (Who's Michael? I'll tell you later! >.<)
And finally, I was right! I didn't win anything in the end of the competition. The First Champion is Gloria (You deserve it, girl!), the Second is Sarah, and the Third is Kak Adlina.
Yeah yeah yeah, that sucks, but it's actually okay, you know. I mean, Gloria & Sarah are already in eleventh grade, and Kak Adlina is already in twelfth grade, while I still have two more years to go through. I can always win other competition later, right? I may not win today, but I will win tomorrow.

When I went home, I texted my parents, Mbak Lara, Alya, Desti, Nabila, April, Radit, Indra, Saras, etc. I told them that I didn't make it to be one of the champions. My friends cheered me up, Mbak Lara too, and my Dad said, "It's okay. You've already done a great job."
But my Mom! Oh, Mama! Do you know what did she say to me?
Dear Lulu,
To Mama, Papa, and all of your siblings, for you to just finally made it to the final, it already means that you are a champion. If you didn't win, it's only a matter of numbers, right? I'm always proud of you, honey, AND I LOVE YOU.
You know that even when I knew I didn't win, I still feel happy, not even sad, well, just a bit disappointed at myself, but just a bit! Like, only 5-10 percent. But immediately after I read that friggin' message from my Mom, the river started to come down!
Well, my driver didn't know, because he was busy driving and I hid my face while crying in silent, hwehehehe...
Damn! I thought I didn't really want this, but the truth turns out to be different, I DID want to win so bad. :/
You may think that the message doesn't really feel sad or anything, but it surely works on me! Even as I translate it to English just now, I feel like I want to cry again, hahahaha!

Now, let's continue to the "unyu" part of the blog!
I mentioned something about Michael, right? Now I'll tell you who Michael is.
From Wednesday to Friday, I read this comic in Mangafox. Pheeew, it has been a long time since the last time I opened Mangafox.
Okay, then, I found this manhwa called Model, by Lee So Young, after I searched for comics that related to several categories (ehem.).
When I saw the cover, I thought, "Heeee, I've seen that cover before, but where? Was it in here, in Mangafox, or in a bookstore? Ah, well, I'll just read it anyway."
At first, the art was a tad bit weird, I'm not used to read comics with that kind of art. But the summary attracted me so much, that I kept reading it.

It is a story about a Korean girl who studies Art in Europe (never been mentioned, but I think it's in UK, particularly..). One day, her friend brought a strange drunk guy to their apartment and left that guy there. She dislikes it, but agrees eventually.
That night, she had this weird dream where that drunk guy drinks her blood. She thought it was just a dream, but when it turns out to be real, her world is changing drastically.

Well, I'm not gonna tell you all the rest, if you're interested, you'll just have to read it yourself!
The point is, I, once again, misjudged this comic. I thought it's going to be just an ordinary vampire-ish comic, but, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakh, its plot is definitely different than other comics that I have ever read before!
And the guys! OH, THE GUYS! Even if the art is weird, I'm really really mesmerized by their cool attitude, especially Michael and Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
Overall, I still think that it's a great manhwa
. If they sell it in a bookstore here, I'll buy all the series for sure!

Whaaaaat? It's already 6.35 in the morning??! Damn, I better get some sleep.

vendredi 3 décembre 2010


I'm thinking of changing this blog's template, and maybe a lot more things.
I'm starting to realize, this is just an ordinary blog, not a fashion blog I intended on making.
It's not that I'll delete this blog or anything, it's just that, I used to brag about how I love fashion, how I wanted to be a designer, and stuff, but not even once, have I posted something related to fashion.
That is my biggest mistake of all.

So I want to make this blog truly about my life.
Not a blog that suggests that it's a fashion blog, yet the contents are not about fashion.
That's stupid. I'm stupid.

But the blog makeunder will be done in some time later, because I'm still fuckin' hectic with all the exams, remedials, tests, and competitions hanging around my head.

And about the real fashion blog, I still want to make one, but, as you all know, time flees fast, so maybe not now.

Yeah yeah, another brows-raising post, eh?
Don't worry, it means, I'm still normal.

mercredi 17 novembre 2010

Book-gasm (?) and My Stupid Rotten Memory

Wau, tadi pagi akhirnya shalat Ied juga, gue kira gue ga bakal kebangun, wakakak!

Hari ini, tepatnya tadi siang sekitar jam 12-an, gue, April, Vanny, Indra dan Radit jalan ke Sency!
Tadinya Nabila juga kita ajak, tapi dia ga bisa.. :"(

Wokelah, abis shalat Ied, gue nonton dulu, makan dulu, abis itu chatting sama April & Radit, minta konfirmasi jadi apa kaganya..

Si Vanny & Indra di-SMS ga bales, ditelpon ga ngangkat, untung abis itu si Vanny online FB. Tapi si Indra, dengan cerdasnya berhasil bikin gue, April & Vanny panik, wahahaha! Si Vanny udah misscall dia tapi ga diangkat, gue udah SMS berkali-kali tapi ga dibales, dan di saat-saat terakhir sebelum gue bersiap-siap untuk nemuin mereka di sekolah, akhirnya tuh anak bales, dengan singkat, "Gue ikut".
Yaudah, gue bales aja lagi, "Astaganaga, gue, April, Vanny, semua coba ngehubungin lo, ga ada kabar berita, kirain lo mati, Ndra.."
Dan ternyata itu orang gila yang satu itu ketiduran gara-gara nonton Phineas and Ferb dan baru bangun jam 10-an.
Bagus banget, Ndra.

Akhirnya gue berangkat menuju sekolah!
Pas nyampe, si Indra lagi nunggu di depan gerbang, yaudah, gue suruh masuk mobil aja dulu, sambil nunggu yang lain. Baru si Indra nutup pintu mobil, eh, si April dateng naik motor (ato ojek? Yang mana lah.), yaudah, langsung masuk ke mobil juga deh dia. Gayanya, uuuuh, girlie lho! (Wakakakakaka, ga gitu juga sih sebenernya, Pril, gue cuman hiperbola aja..)
Abis itu kita ngobrol bentar sambil nunggu di depan Kantin Pelajar deket SD.
Lagi ngobrol gitu, akhirnya si Radit SMS, dia udah di depan kapel. Gue kira Gereja Advent yang di sebelah 81, ternyata maksudnya Kantin Pelajar. Tapi di mana, kok ga keliatan juga, gue-April-Indra ngeliatin terus ke belakang.
Pas gue balik badan, LHO? Radit keluar dari mobil sedan hitam yang p
arkir persis di depan mobil gue!
Kita bertiga ketawa, kapan juga tuh anak bisa nyampe situ? Kok bisa-bisanya dari tadi ga keliatan?
Si Radit masuk mobil dan duduk paling belakang, lalu kita menunggu Vanny dengan tidak sabar. (Wakakak!)

Akhirnya dateng juga dia, dan kita pun langsung menuju Sency!

Di jalan, agak-agak bingung juga, soalnya kita semua udah lama ga ke Sency, dan sopir gue rada lupa jalannya, karena waktu dia terakhir ke arah Sency, itu malem, pas nganterin nyokap gue ke acara pernikahan di deket-deket situ. Tapi setelah tanya-tanya dikit, kita nyampe juga deh!

Ternyata di Sency lebih dingin dari perkiraan gue, untung gue bawa blazer! (Alasan biar bisa pake blazer, muhahaha! Apasih.)

Hal pertama yang kita lakukan adalah J-Cooling! At last! After all this time longing for J-Cooling together, we finally did it! Yaaaaay!
Gue pesen yang Couple dengan topping kiwi, Honey Star & Choco Caviar, yummm!!!
Yang lain pada pesen apa ya? Yang gue inget, Fro-Yo April ada strawberry mochi & orange jelly, Vanny topping-nya choco nuts apalah itu, Radit apa gitu gue lupa (sori, bang!), Indra ada orange & grape deh kalo ga salah.. Oh, dan seperti biasa, si Indra pesen porsi Sharing di saat yang lain pada pesen Couple ato Single. Dasar perut karung!

Kita melanjutkan perjalanan (apasih gue) dengan berkeliling-keliling dan muter-muter. Dan pas lagi jalan gitu, anak-anak baru nyadar kalo gue pake high heels. Buseeeeeet, dari tadi kemana woy? Kaga sadar tinggi gue bertambah kayak gitu? -_________-"

Abis itu setelah bingung-bingung mau kemana lagi, kita pun ke toko buku, tepatnya TGA. (Kenapa bukan Gramedia aja sih yang ada di situ?)
Disana, gue emang meniatkan diri banget untuk nyari buku-buku yang udah gue catet di hape, dan gue menemukan lumayan banyak lho! Setelah muter-muter toko buku yang ga terlalu besar itu, gue bisa mendapatkan 7 buku, yaitu The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Septimus Heap: Queste, Lolita, Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1, Skulduggery Pleasant, dan Venus Capriccio 5. Awalnya cuman dapet Twilight & Venus Capriccio doang, mana gue pake lupa segala, gue udah punya yang volume 4 apa belom, sebelum akhirnya memutuskan untuk beli yang volume 5 aja dulu. Setelah lama banget berdiri, liat-liat ke sana-sini, nunduk untuk liat buku-buku deretan bawah, akhirnya gue menemukan judul-judul lainnya itu! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daftarnya belom terselesaikan semua sih, tapi lumayan lah...
And there, I spent Rp 365.400,- in total.
Unyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, tapi gapapa, karena gue emang niat ngebobol tabungan untuk beli buku-buku itu kok! Udah gitu, temen-temen gue itu dengan setia nungguin gue ngiterin toko buku lama banget, dan nunggu sampe gue selese bayar, uooooooh! *Lebay Mode: ON*

Abis dari TGA, kita langsung naik ke lantai 5 (kalo ga salah), terus sempet ngecek ke XXI dulu, ada film apa yang seru, ternyata ga ada yang asik, meh.
Kita pun mengarah ke Food Court (ato Food Studio? Sekut lah.) Pas udah nemu tempat duduk yang pas, kita nyari makannya gantian, gue & Radit duluan, gue mesen Beef & Cheese Melt, French Fries with Cheese & Iced Tea di Raffel's, sementara Radit pesen Chicken Piccata di Tamani Kafe.
Balik ke tempat duduk, giliran Vanny, April & Indra yang "berkelana". Mereka nyari makan lama banget, terus pas akhirnya nemplok di Chicken Story, mesennya juga lama banget! Begitu mereka balik, gue & Radit udah hampir selese makan, jiahahahahaha!
Mereka bertiga pesenannya sama, Ayam Bakar Spicy dan Nasi, terus minumnya Orange Juice. Ternyata, ayam bakarnya pedes banget! Pas gue nyoba, bener aja, kayaknya bumbunya pake cabe rawit deh, muhahahaha! Itu anak bertiga kepedesan semua, gue bareng Radit cuman ngetawain mereka aja! mana ternyata Orange Juice-nya kurang berasa gitu, jadi makin ga asik kan! Malangnya nasib kalian, nak!
Pas selese makan, bibir mereka berubah pink semua, apalagi April! Bwakakakakakakakakakakakak! *guling-guling*
Tapi mereka belom kenyang ternyata. Selanjutnya, mereka pesen Silverqueen Crepes di D'Crepes (eh, iya bukan sih itu namanya?), dan kejadian pas J-Cooling terulang lagi, si Indra beli crepes ga cuman satu, tapi dua! (apa tiga ya?)

Abis makan, kita kan masih ngobrol gitu, terus ternyata di Food Court itu ada temen-temennya Indra. Dia sih katanya males nyapa, dan kita lanjut ngobrol. Terus tiba-tiba Indra ngeliat ada dua cowok duduk di meja temen-temennya itu (temen-temennya cewek), dan dia langsung komentar, "itu pacar-pacarnya? Kok..."
Otomatis kita juga ngelirik dong. Dan bener aja, temen-temennya Indra tuh yah, cakep lah, tapi cowok-cowok yang duduk sama mereka itu lho, nggggggggh, gimana ya, ga cocok banget gitu deh kalo jadi pacar mereka, mwahahaha!
Ternyata kedua cowok itu pindah ke meja sebelahnya lagi, dan kita langsung berspekulasi macem-macem. Jangan-jangan, cowok-cowok itu kayak lagi nyari bakat gitu, modelling-modelling ato sejenisnya lah, soalnya meja yang mereka datengin tuh yang ada cewek-ceweknya juga. Terus kita langsung nganggep mereka ga bener gitu, soalnya biasanya yang kayak gitu-gitu cuman nipu doang akhirnya. Si Indra pun memberanikan diri untuk nyamperin temen-temennya itu, dan kayaknya dia nanya ke mereka gitu deh, soalnya, pas balik (yang kita sambut dengan kalimat, "ngapain lo balik lagi ke sini?"), dia bilang kalo ternyata dua cowok itu kayak nyari dana buat anak sekolah gitu. Unyuuu, gue ga ngerti dana untuk apa maksudnya, jadi sekut aje. Gue langsung ngingetin gitu, katanya pada mau balik ke TGA abis makan, dan kita pun turun lagi deh..

Setelah berkutat dengan lift yang ngajak berantem karena ga mau berhenti di lantai kita itu, akhirnya kita turun pake eskalator aja deh. dan sampailah kita ke TGA lagi!
Si Indra beli buku gambar, dan April beli kamus Jerman, terus kita pulang deh setelah liat-liat lagi sebentar.

Wanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, kaki gue udah pegel banget, jarang-jarang gue pake high heels yang satu ini untuk jangka waktu selama itu! Bayangin dong, dari kira-kira jam 1 kurang, sampe jam setengah 5 lewat, gue jalan, berdiri, ngubek-ngubek TGA, muter-muter nyari makan, semua pake sepatu itu! Sadis! Ah, tapi gapapalah, kalo ga pernah sama sekali, kapan bisa terlatihnya? Masa' sebagai cewek gue ga bisa pake high heels lama-lama? Kalo sekarang-sekarang aja sih masih gapapa belom terbiasa, cuek sekut bodo amat, tapi kalo nanti-nanti? Kayaknya disgraceful banget gitu deh menurut gue.

Lift Sency emang kayaknya ada dendam tersendiri deh sama kita berlima. Pas kita mau turun ke lantai B3, kan penyiksaan juga kalo mesti pake eskalator terus-menerus, jadi kita mau nyoba nunggu lift lagi. Dan kembali, lift tidak membuka pintunya sedikitpun untuk kita. Mau ga mau, kita turun melalui eskalator lagi. -___________-"
Gue berusaha tabah (bwakakaka, lebay doang kok nih!) mesti turun dari lantai 3 ke lantai 1 lewat eskalator, terus dari lantai 1 turun ke B3 lewat eskalator lagi setelah lift Sency yang laknat itu keukeuh mengazab kita berlima (terutama gue!!!!!).

Pas nyampe parkiran, mesti jalan jauh lagi, karena tempat parkir mobil gue berada nun jauh disana. Sambil jalan menuju mobil, kita menyadari satu hal, kita berlima jalan bareng, padahal kalo diinget-inget, kita masing-masing berasal dari SMP yang berbeda. Gue dari 109, April dari 49, Vanny dari 252, Radit dari Al-Azhar Rawamangun, dan Indra dari SMPK Penabur 5.
Uooooooooooh, so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! (HAH? APANYA COBA YANG CUTE?)

Akhirnya kita pulang juga! Mereka berempat pada turun di sekolah, dan masing-masing dijemput di situ nanti. Terus gue pulang deh.

Nyampe rumah, gue menggelar buku-buku yang tadi gue beli di atas meja belajar. terus keinget, gue pingin ngecek, sebenernya gue udah punya Venus Capriccio 4 apa belom. Gue ke kamar sebelah, dan pas gue liat, gue ternyata udah punya Venus Capriccio 4.
Goblok banget sih gue!!!!! Pake ga inget segala kalo Venus Capriccio gue udah lengkap semua volume-nya!!!!! Otak gue kenapa sih?! Odong banget kalo soal nginget-nginget sesuatu!

Tapi karena udah terlanjur, yowis lah, masih untung cuman segitu. Kalo yang gue salah beli ternyata buku lain yang harganya diatas Rp 20.000,-, itu baru gue nangis bombai.

Abis itu gue langsung baca Twilight, dan gue kecewa pas tau Volume 1 bersambung pas Bella diajak pulang sama Edward dari hutan. Nyuuuuuuuuuuuuuh... -________-"
Kayaknya ada beberapa yang rada beda dari film maupun novelnya sendiri, tapi gapapa, tetep keren!

Sekarang gue pingin baca Skulduggery Pleasant, tapi gue lupa, kok kayaknya besok ada PR deh, tapi apa ya?
Sebodo amat ah!

dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Three Days of Nauseas

Friday, November 5, 2010

Gila. Hari ini gue ikut english debate competition di UNIKA Atmajaya bareng Radit & Laras, kita tim SMAN 81 A. Satu lagi timnya Kak Gaby, Kak Mita & Kak Fauzan, mereka SMAN 81 B.
Sumpah, biarpun udah ada persiapan sedikit hari-hari sebelumnya, tetep aja gue ngerasa kurang. Bayangin aja, research tiap malem sejak dapet official motions, terus malem sebelum hari H, gue ke rumah Mbak Lara, minta tolong bantuin bikin statement-statement dari dua sisi, kalo-kalo gue dapet government ato sebaliknya, sampe jam 12 malem! Dan itu tetep aja ga ngehasilin apa pun yang berarti.

Di Round 1, motion yang gue dapet adalah:
THW ban pharmaceutical companies from giving commissions to doctors who prescribe the company's medicine to their patients.


Akhirnya kita kalah melawan Bina Bangsa. Tapi setelah selese debate, pas mingle sama mereka, anaknya baik-baik lho. Malah yang jadi third speaker, kalo ga salah namanya Emily, ngingetin gue sama adek kelas gue, Khalila, wahahaha!

Lanjut ke Round 2, dan motion-nya tiba-tiba aja jadi semi-impromptu! Gue ga nyangka sama sekali! SHIT! Dan itu adalah:
THW allow parents to intentionally have genetically-engineered new children for organ donor purposes to keep the other previously-born sibling.


Dan bener aja, kita kalah. Lagi. Melawan St. Peter B. Padahal mereka penyampaiannya agak kurang lho, menurut gue. Tapi mereka mencuri hati para adjudicator dengan mengusung nilai-nilai kemanusiaan. Bagus banget. Hancur telak.
Ga cukup sampe situ, begitu kita disuruh keluar ruangan karena para adju-nya mau diskusi, kakak L.O. tim mereka negor gue, gue lagi "dapet" ya, gue jawab aja ga, tapi dia nunjuk rok gue dan bener aja.
Hhhh. Troubles DO not come in single spies, but in battallions.
Gue jadi ga bisa mingle sama anak-anak St. Peter, padahal yang first speaker baik lho, kalo ga salah Gabriella namanya. Dia aja sampe nawarin gue minjem tasnya untuk nutupin rok biar bisa ke kamar mandi. Tapi gue nolak, gila, ga enak lah.. Akhirnya malah gue bikin repot para L.O. yang lain, pada kasak-kusuk nyariin yang bisa ngasih "bantuan". Si Radit sampe bilang, kalo dia salut sama gue, gue baru ikut lomba pertama kali, dan udah berhasil bikin semua L.O. pusing.
Ha-ha. -________________-"
Akhirnya pas Tim Kak Gaby keluar ruangannya, gue langsung minjem cardigan Kak Gaby. Thank you soooooooooo much, Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

Round 3 motion-nya bener-bener impromptu, men! Yaitu:
THW ban fast food.

Gue kira bakal agak lumayan. Ternyata, ga boleh nilai sesuatu dari jumlahnya. Dari jumlah katanya apalagi. Motion itu berhasil bikin gue dan tim gue yang lagi-lagi jadi Government KALAH. LAGI. GUE ULANGI: LAGI. Kali ini setelah berjuang melawan SMAN 14 yang jago banget first & third speaker-nya.

Pas penghitungan di akhir acara, tau tim gue urutan berapa?
Dan Tim Kak Gaby-Kak Mita-Kak Fauzan urutan 1. SATU!!!!!!! BERBANDING TERBALIK!!!!! UTARA DAN SELATAN!!! PARAH.
Tim gue ga dapet Victory Point sama sekali. Walaupun kakak-kakak kita yang hebat itu ngehibur kita dengan bilang kalo tim urutan ke-4 yang lolos ke quarterfinals aja total score-nya lebih kecil dari kita. Tapi tetep aja, yang diliat itu kan VP. Sama aja boong.
Dan kita jelas ga lolos ke quarterfinals.
Mana si Radit keliatan banget betenya sama gue & Laras. Paling ga sama gue deh, sama Laras mungkin ga.
Gue bener-bener jelek banget!!!!!!!
Statement gue lemah semua, idiot!!!
Dia sih bilangnya gapapa, tapi kebaca banget kalo dia ga suka & nyesel satu tim sama gue & Laras. Dia keliatan banget pingin menang. Dan gara-gara gue tim ini ga menang.
Menurut gue, gue udah ada sedikiiiiiiiit perkembangan sih, pas gue maju ke depan, gue udah mulai bisa untuk ga selalu baca buku, walaupun masih kurang. Dan gue juga bisa ngomong lebih lama dari dulu-dulu. Kalo dulu, pasti selalu undertime, kecepetan & kurang elaborasi. Sekarang pun masih kurang elaborasi, tapi seenggaknya gue bisa nyampe 6-7 menitan ngomong di depan.
Tapi, yah, itu ga ada gunanya. Ga ngaruh. We still lose. Schucks.

Dari awal gue emang ga pernah nganggep enteng yang namanya english debate. Gue selalu ngewanti-wanti diri sendiri, "english debate itu susah, Lu. Jangan anggap cemen."
Dan emang bener, SUSAH BANGET!
Jujur, gue berasa kecil hati, gue berasa ini bukan bidang gue, dan gue udah bikin jelek reputasi E.D. yang tadinya udah keren banget! :"(

Pas pulang, Radit naik taksi, Laras dijemput orangtuanya, dan Kak Fauzan naik busway. Kak Mita & kak Gaby ikut gue, tapi mereka lagi ngomong dulu sama coach E.D. 81, Teddy & Bryan. Mereka juga ngomong sama salah satu adjudicator yang pake baju biru tosca (ato dark turquoise? Gue lupa.) gitu. Pokoknya, si adjudicator ini, kan sempet nge-adju tim gue juga waktu Round 2, nah, gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, pas dia nge-verbal, begitu ngomong, gue langsung kagum dalam hati. Biarpun agak-agak "melambai" sedikit, gue sih ga peduli soal itu. Yang bikin gue kagum adalah, aksen british-nya! Gila! Baru kali itu gue denger & ketemu langsung sama orang Indonesia dengan tampang sangat Indonesia yang nguasain aksen itu dengan bagus banget! I mean, seriously, he is definitely owning it!!!!! *KAGUM TO THE MAX*

Pulangnya, kan Kak Mita & Kak Gaby nebeng gue, di perjalanan menuju tempat parkir mobil gue yang ada di Crown Plaza, gue dikasih cerita-cerita singkat gitu tentang dunia anak IPS sama mereka. Sampe di mobil, mereka juga ngasih nasehat-nasehat & petuah (apabanget istilahnya, Lu.), gue juga sempet curcol gitu deh, wakakakak! Sumpah, mereka itu baik banget, dan buat orang seusia mereka, mereka bisa banget dibilang cukup bijak, tapi tetep ga bikin sudut pandang remaja mereka ilang. Uooooooooh, jadi makin pingin masuk IPS!!!!!!!!!! Jadi pingin kayak merekaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Kak Mita akhirnya turun di deket pos polisi, dan Kak Gaby di depan Giant Pondok Gede. Nyampe rumah gue cuman bersih-bersih sedikit, semua barang gue keluarin dari tas dan gue tebar begitu aja di atas meja belajar, terus gue tidur.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gue kebangun jam 10 pagi, dan baru inget, kalo pengambilan Rapot Mid-Semester itu cuma sampe jam setengah 10 pagi.
Ah, sekut. Paling juga belom selese. Selalu begitu dimana-mana.
Gue bikin mie, makan sambil nonton, terus mandi. Begitu selese mandi, Mbak Lindy nelpon, gue disuruh cepetan, karena dia yang mau ngambil rapot, sekalian nganter gue CCF.

Oh iya, tim Kak Gaby lanjut ke quarterfinals lho hari ini, semoga mereka menang sampe grand final!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are super cool, I know they're going to nail it!

Akhirnya gue berangkat ke sekolah bareng Mbak Lindy, Mas Arief, Dianya & Raja. Nyampe di sekolah, gue khawatir Bu Elluth udah ga ada, tapi ternyata masih ada!!! Yaaaaaaaaayy!!!!
Mbak Lindy yang ngomong sama Bu Elluth di ruang guru, dan gue keluar sama Dianya, gabung sama anak-anak Sapudugem untuk nonton Cerdas Cermat di lapangan. Perwakilan C.C. dari kelas kita kan Khanza & Indra (ato ada lagi ya? Kalo ada, maap, gue ga merhatiin banget. :3), dan pas udah selese, balik-balik, si Indra jadi item! Jiakakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!
Akhirnya Mbak Lindy keluar, dan gue langsung berangkat ke CCF.
Di mobil, gue liat nilai-nilai gue, ternyata ga jelek-jelek amat kok! Kecuali fisikanya. Dan Mbak Lindy juga ngasihtau, kalo Bu Elluth bilang ke dia, menurut Bu Elluth, gue lebih minat ke IPS.

Pinging nyantumin nilai-nilai gue sih disini, tapi males. Bukan karena malu, sumpah demi Allah bukan karena malu, tapi karena gue males.

Abis dari nganter gue ke CCF, Mbak Lindy & Mas Arief ngajak itu krucil-krucil dua ke Atrium, terus pas gue udah pulang, mereka yang jemput dan kita ke Setiabudi makan di Frankfurter!!! Yummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crispy Mushroom-nya enak bangaaat!

Nyampe rumah, udah mau tepar, tapi Papa malah ngajak ke Giant. Yaudah, ikut deh akhirnya.. Dianya, Mbak Lindy, Tisya, Raja & Mbak Neng juga diajak ikut. Pulangnya beli bubur ayam buat Mama. Si Mama lagi flu tapi malah mintanya apa coba? Bakpau! Ga nyambung. -___-"
Mana si bakpau itu dicari juga ga ketemu sepanjang jalan pula! Aneh.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bangun jam 8-an, terus makan, terus mandi, terus deg-degan karena mau belajar nyetir sama Papa!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tapi sebelum belajar nyetir, gue mesti ikut Papa dulu ke Masmitra, karena dia ada operasi mendadak. Yowis, gue nunggu di mobil sampe jam 4 lebih, sambil nyanyi-nyanyi kayak orang tolol, hwahahahahaha!
Akhirnya Papa selese, dan kita menuju ke deket rumahnya Tante Atik, karena latihannya disitu, disitu cukup sepi & jalan kompleknya lebar.

Gue udah 2 ato 3 minggu ga belajar nyetir, dan gue kagoooooooooookkkkk!!!!!!!!
Pas awal-awal, masih jelek geblek gitu deh, tapi pas akhir-akhir, udah lumayan dikit lah..
Pas udah selese, fiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh, lega, bang!
Kata Papa sih udah cukup lumayan, paling sekali lagi latihan, terus bisa nyoba di jalan raya.


Itu gila bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttt!!!!!!!
Di jalan raya banyak mobil & motor yang ngebut!!!!!
Gue takut diklakson!!!!!
Gue takut bikin kesel mobil belakang karena gue nge-gasnya pelan!!!!!

Pulangnya, beli sop kambing, sate kambing & sate ayam. Masa' si papa nawarin, abis dari beli makanan itu, dari tempat jualan sop sampe rumah, gue yang bawa mobil! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, ogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mereka semua di jalan raya ngebuuuuuuuuuutttttt!!!!!! Mereka saling nyalip!!!!!! Mobil-mobil & motor-motor itu bisa tiba-tiba nyelak dari kiri ato kanan!!!!! Sereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nyampe rumah, nyiapin makan deh, sekalian manasin bandeng yang udah dipanggang Dedes tadi sore. Makan bareng semuanya deh! Yummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abis itu gue naik ke atas, buka laptop Papa, download lagu-lagu sambil nulis post ini.
Hoahm, udah jam 12:34.

vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Pizza or Pasta? Both!


Tadi sore asik deh!
Abis pemilihan Ketua & Wakil Ketua Angkatan (yang durasinya lama bangaaaat astaganagabonar. -__________-"), gue, April, Indra, dan Radit makan di Pizza Hut!
Mestinya Nabila ikut juga, tapi dia ada pengambilan nilai Bulu Tangkis, jadinya ga bisa ikut deh.. :(

Kita nyampe sana hampir jam 6 sore gitu deh, padahal si Radit ada EF jam 6 lewat 10 katanya.
Gue, April & Indra langsung menghasut dia, "Udah deeeeh, EF doang, telat sekut kaleeee!"
MUHAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*

Pas mesen, kita udah laper mata gitu kan, rasanya semua pingin dipesen, hahaha! Eh, giliran pas makan, kita kenyang banget, padahal belom mesen dessert! Ah, ga asik nih perut-perut kita!
Gue pesen 3-Mushroom Creamy Fettuccine, Indra pesen Oriental Chicken Spaghetti, dan Radit pesen Beef Fettuccine, trus yang buat bareng, kita pesen Garlicheese Bread, American Favourite yang Cheesy Bites & Lipton Ice Tea yang 1 pitcher.
Tapi si April, yang katanya lagi diet (yaelah, Pril, yang ada tuh lo mestinya bukan diet, tapi justru banyakin minum susu! Ayo dong, biar 180 cm! I Seriously envy your height, dahling!), karena dia mesennya Banana Split, jadinya dia makan dessert duluan deh! Pas pizza-nya dateng, dia cuman makan satu potong doang, dan sebelumnya cuman makan satu potong Garlicheese Bread. Dasar aneh, giliran jajan di sekolah, dua kali istirahat jajaaaaaaaan terus! :p

Begitu udah mau selese, ternyata yang lain udah pada mau abis gitu makanannya, sementara fettuccine gue baru gue makan 5 suap! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrggghhhh, akhirnya gue minta tolong waitress-nya untuk bungkusin itu fettuccine..

Sumpah, kita semua tuh kenyang banget, sampe Radit aja narik nafas-buang nafas kayak orang mau melahirkan! Kita bertiga ngakak gila-gilaan! Belom lagi si Indra. Yah, biasa dong, kalo sintingnya keluar, bikin satu meja serasa pingin guling-guling!

Pas akhir-akhir, kita kan pada foto-foto gitu, tapi rada cacat, karena yang moto gue.. (Susah, cuy! Namanya bukan orang narsis yang jago ngambil angle di segala macem situasi..) Pingin minta tolong sama waitress-nya, tapi ga enak, wakakak! Giliran waitress-nya ga ada, kita manggil-manggil dengan lirih gitu! Konyol parah, bwahahahahaha!

Akhirnya setelah minta bill, kita memberanikan diri (apacoba..) untuk minta tolong waitress-nya motoin kita deh!

Here are the proofs of our foolishness:

And we spent:

Kapan-kapan makan bareng lagi ya, guys! Dan semoga lain kali bisa lebih rame lagi!

mardi 19 octobre 2010

Two Words: Blah-Shiiiiiiiiiits!

Just a short post, 'kay?

Some of my results in Mid-Term Tests are kind of weird.
Because in some of the subjects where I thought I could get an average score, it turned out to be below the average!
On the contrary, in Mathematics, I got 8,26 for the multiple choices!!!
8,26 IN MATH??? ME?????

Even Alya & Ipeh were speechless when I told them that.

Here are some of the results that I already got:
  • Civics: 8,22 (THANK YOU, GOD!)
  • Chemistry: 7,75 (Damn. I was pretty confident when I did the test, why did the result turned out to be like this? -____________-")
  • Geography: 6,50 (Nyeh. Blame the lame dame.)
  • ICT: 6,33 (Gah!)
  • Math: 8,26 (This should be listed as one of the Wonders of the World, right?!)
  • Biology: 7,something (Urgh. I don't like bacterias & viruses.)
  • Indonesian: 6,50 (It was entirely the fault of one of the Dames of 81 who announced the total time of the test when there were only 20 or 30 minutes left!)
  • Sociology: 7,75 (That's the result when we examined it manually, and my teacher said that only those who got below 7,50 will have to do some remedial. I don't know about the result from scanner, though..)
And the rest, is still a mystery.
I'll post it when I get it.

Oh, and by the way, I was right. I wasn't selected to be one of the representatives for the English Debate Competition in Gandhi Ancol.
Ah, well, schucks for me, right?

vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Dizzy Practice

Besok kan ga ada English Debate, maksudnya biar kita pada persiapan buat Mid. Semester Senin depan, jadi E.D. dipercepat. TADI ABIS PULANG SEKOLAH.

Gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, gue kira cuman absen sama pengumuman apalah doang, taunya ditanya, siapa yang mau ikut lomba di Gandhi Ancol (I have no idea where that school/place is.. -___-").
Gue angkat tangan aja, secara, yah, gue pingin nyoba gimanaaaaa gitu, abisnya gue ngiri sama Radit & Indra yang udah pernah ikut lomba di Binus E-Comp.
Gue kira cuman bakal didata doang, terus seleksi dan sebagainya masih nanti-nanti. Taunya, tadi, jebret, langsung nyoba debat! Yah, emang sih, cuman latihan doang, tapi kan tetep aja! That was my FRIGGIN' first time EVER to debate! All I ever do in E.D. was listening to what our seniors have to say, and that's it! I'VE NEVER TRIED TO DEBATE BEFORE! IN MY WHOLE LIFE!
And what was the role that I got this time?
I didn't know anything about debating! I completely forgot about the presentation that once had been done (at the first session of E.D. a long long time ago).
I panicked.
And the motion was taking me down lower than ever.

The motion was:

This House Would Support Capital Punishment for Corruptor


Gue ga ngerti sama sekali kalo udah deket-deket tema begituan!

Setelah diundi, gue satu tim sama Disa & Bella, sementara lawan kita Devina, Radit & Indra!
Anjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr, dewa-dewa E.D. ada di tim lawan! Faaaaaark!
Mana case-building cuman 15 menit, dan awalnya gue kira itu 30 menit!
Pas Kak Mita bilang, "10 minutes left!", gue baru nulis 3 kalimat di buku Disney. Dan gue langsung ceming sesaat.
HAH? Perasaan baru bentar deh! Paling cuman 5 menit!
Berarti case-building ini cuman 15 menit! Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Pas giliran gue maju, yaitu paling pertama (WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHH!!), gue bener-bener ngerasa kacau, persiapan gue belom matang, dan gue berakhir dengan cuman berbicara di depan selama 2 menit 15 detik.
Apa yang gue omongin bener-bener ga spesifik, ga jelas, dan kurang pengembangan (BANGET). Yaiyalah, udah ga boleh browsing lewat handphone, motion-nya juga ga menarik sama sekali, gue juga ga ngikutin perkembangan yang ada hubungannya sama pemerintah-pemerintahan gitu, jadilah gue cuman ngomong apa tau ga jelas, pokoknya ancur banget deh!
Disa aja bisa ngomong lebih dari 3 menit, sementara Bella lebih dari 7 menit! Pas nge-reply juga Disa bagus, nah gue???!! Udah jadi pemimpin tim lah, istilahnya, tapi malah paling sebentar ngomong, paling gugup, paling sedikit materi yang dibawainnya, pokoknya ancur parah deh!

In the end of debate, me & Disa got some critics, while Bella was praised. I wasn't jealous of her, in fact, I thanked her because she made our team looked better.
I knew, my weaknesses are my points & arguments. I should've explained more about what my team supported on, I should've elaborated my arguments, and many other things.
There are some good points that me & Disa brought, though. But we didn't explicate them more. But Bella completed those arguments in some seriously awesome ways. Her vocabulary is ah-ma-zing! She ended up being the Best Speaker. Congraaaats!

Oh, and the winner was...
Ah, Whatever.

Moreover, I don't give a damn about it anymore.
Because I'm pretty sure that I won't be selected to join that Gandhi competition in this November.


When the debate was over, it was still raining cats and dogs. So I waited in the lobby, with some of my friends. But one by one, they all would be picked up, or went through the rain out of desperation.
But Radit was still there, talking with Kak Ruth about the debate and I was like, "hmm, I guess I'll consult to Kak Ruth too, I was a shit back then. How am I going to be better if I just stand here and do nothing?" So I decided to approach them.
Fast forward, and this time she was talking to me. Oh my, she was so awesome! The way she explained to me about my mistakes, and what I should've done as a First Speaker, it was terrific! She gave some examples so vividly, and she told me & Radit some of her experiences in debating.
Gaaaaaaaaaawd, how am I going to be as cool & brilliant as Kak Ruth???!!
When will I be as amazing as her???!!
Never, I guess.


vendredi 1 octobre 2010


Gawd, I want this Infinity necklace soooooooooo fuckin' bad!!!!!
But, come on, look at the price! It costs as much as $95! Well, I can always use some of my savings, but but but... :|
Not to mention that stupid announcement, "SHIPS IN 2-4 WEEKS."
I definitely can't wait that long!
*crying out loud*

Anyone care enough to buy me that?
I promise, I'll wish for you to be the happiest and the most prosperous person in the whole universe!

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Holidays In Fun, And In Misery As Well.

Lama banget ga nge-post. The internet was being a complete bastard, and I just couldn't find any spare time to post something here.
Okay. Straight to the points. I'm gonna tell you about my holidays after that last Ramadhan.

Me & my family (Mama, Papa & Mas Bayu), well, four of us went to my Grandma's house in Klaten on September 11th
, at 3 in the morning, to be exact.
And we arrived there at 8.45 PM.
Pas nyampe, acara keluarga yang semestinya diadain hari Minggu, dipercepat jadi hari Sabtu. Which was the day we arrived.
Begitu nyampe, udah banyak tamu, dan kita mesti buru-buru ngerapihin diri biar bisa nyambut tamu, apalagi Papa disuruh ngebuka acara. Gah!

Malemnya, abis acara selese, malah mati lampu. Trus kita-kita yang pada masih kuat bangun malem (lebih tepatnya, ga bisa tidur tanpa AC & lampu), ngumpul di teras, sambil dengerin Om Bambang main gitar, diterangi lampu emergency doang. Mantep.

Besoknya, jam 8-an, udah bisa dibenerin, dan gue bangun dengan AC kamar yang menyala. Alhamdulillah.. Kalo pas tidur sih gue skut aja, tapi kalo sampe pas bangun belom nyala juga, itu baru ngebetein. Untung ga kayak gitu.

On Monday, I went to Jogja with my cousins, Sulung & Danang. (FYI, they're older than me, but still, they have to call me 'Mbak' and I have to call them with 'Dek'. -______-")
I wanted to go to Jogja, because I wanted to meet Alya there, so we could shop together at Malioboro! ^w^
Gila. Kita kan mau ketemuan di Keraton, eeeeeeeeeeh, malah ujan! Udah gitu, gue di Keraton bagian mana, dia di Keraton bagian mana, ujan-ujan gue sepayung bertiga sama sepupu-sepupu gue berjuang ke tempat Alya berteduh.
Nying, perjuangan abis. Pokoknya skip skip skip, akhirnya kita nyampe di Malioboro. Ujan udah mulai reda. Dikit. Dan kita memulai perjuangan yang selanjutnya:
Nyelak lautan manusia yang errrrmm, ha, ha, ha. Terus berusaha nyari barang-barang bagus, dan nawar semurah mungkin.
Gue beli tas anyaman buat gue, tas LADS custom made, gantungan kunci bentuk kuping manusia, oleh-oleh buat Nabila (no spoiling, in case she read this post before I gave it to her. :p)
Si Alya nawarnya sadis, untung ada dia, kalo ga, mungkin gue ga bisa dapet barang-barang itu dengan harga murah!
Dia beli sendal Joker (mungkin tiruannya Joger, I dunno.), gantungan kunci kuping juga, tas LADS juga (yaiyalah!). Trus biar ga ribet, kita nyebrang ke Malioboro Mall, dan makan di Texas Chicken.
Pas pulang, Alya nunggu BoNyoknya sambil ngambil tas LADS yang tadi masih belom selese dibikin. Dan gue pulang sama sepupu-sepupu gue.
Di perjalanan, kan rada macet gitu, trus tiba-tiba ada bencong nyamperin sisi mobil kita, Danang yang notabene lagi nyetir jadi kaget! Wakakakaka, kita bertiga ngakak! Trus pas diliat lagi, ternyata ada beberapa bencong yang baru mau mulai beroperasi, dan ada satu bencong yang bikin kita makin ngakak. Yaitu seorang bencong berkebaya & kerudung, plus pake kain. Gile, edisi Lebaran kali yak! Wakakaakakakka!

The next day, we (me, Mama, Papa & Mas Bayu) went to Magelang. We visited Papa's friend, Om Nardi & his family. After that, we all (with Om Nardi's family as well) had some dinner at Jimbaran. Well, it's not the real Jimbaran like the one in Bali or wherever, just happens to have the same name.

Finally, on Wednesday, we went home to Jakarta! We departed at sometime noon, we stopped by at some batik shop, because Mas Bayu wanted to buy some batik shirts and stuff like that. We arrived at home precisely at 8.45 in the morning.
Phew, we were all tired, sleepy, stiffed, and everything else. After we unpacked some of our things, we ate with the chickens Papa bought at Pasar Gede the day before. (Yeah, they're still good, how awesome is that? LOL!)
And the rest, is history. (Just because I'm too lazy to explain all the other things, okay?)

And now, I'm stressed out. Because all of my home-fuckin'-works and tasks and tests that are still waiting. Waiting for me to have them, and then die. After the autopsy, they will find out that my COD is caused by a seriously fatal cerebral hemorrhage. (Sorry, CSI-freak mode: ON)

Gotta get some new tissues to wipe some blood that's dripping from my ears.

dimanche 29 août 2010

Suppah Happeh!

Paraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, udah lama banget gue menelantarkan blog iniiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!
Banyak kejadian seru selama week-end ini.
Let's just go straight to the point.

Jum'at, 27 Agustus 2010

Gila. Gue tadinya udah ketinggalan untuk liat Adam nyanyi If I Can't Have You di American Idol Top 7! Padahal udah gue tunggu-tunggu, tapi gara-gara gue ganti ke channel lain sebentaaaaaaar aja, pas balik ke StarWorld, dia udah selese perform! KANCUT.
Gue akhirnya liat jadwal lagi, dan ada ulangannya lagi jam 1 malem gitu, yaudah deh, langsung aja gue pasang alarm biar ga lupa..
Sebenernya jam setengah 10 ada juga, cuman di sinopsisnya, katanya itu udah lanjut ke Top 6, jadi gue ga berencana nonton. Sembari gue nungguin yang jam 1, tetep lah, gue tonton yang tadinya gue kira Top 6 itu, dan ternyata, SINOPSISNYA SALAH!

Gue langsung teriak-teriak histeris, excited banget!
Gue bertekad, ga boleh ganti-ganti channel lagi, sampe Adam bener-bener selese perform! Dan akhirnya gue berhasil nonton diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Sumpah, parah.
Keren abis.
Super sweet.
I can see his vulnerable soul just from that performance.

Dari Randy, Kara, Paula, sampe Simon, semuanya muji dia! Paula aja udah berkaca-kaca saking deep-nya lagu itu dinyanyiin sama Adam!

Mana senyumnya tiap selese dikomentarin sama satu juri ituuuuuuuuuuu......... Yaoloooooooooooooooooo, manisnya minta ampuuuuuuuunn! Ga nahan parah deh! Gue sampe ngedeket ke TV, terus ga mau ngedip pas dia lagi nyanyi, ga rela kehilangan satu ekspresi pun!
He hitted those seriously friggin' high notes perfectly!
*Swoon mode: ON*

Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Mameeeeeeeeeeenn, gue kan pingin pindah kelas bahasa, biar Perancis jadi Mulok Selasa, dan Jerman jadi Bahasa Asing Senin. Sembari nunggu Monsieur Ari masuk kelas di CCF, gue udah minta izin ke Frau Widi, tapi dia ga yakin masih ada tempat buat gue, dan gue disuruh ngehubungin dia lagi abis Maghrib.

Sebelum nelpon Frau Widi itu, gue habiskan waktu gue memanfaatkan wi-fi CCF yang super ngebut. Dan ternyata, gue bisa download lagu cepet banget! Gue download 2 lagu, masing-masing 3 MB lebih, total cuman 5 menit barangkali! Lewat Omnia lho!
Padahal kalo di rumah, pake laptop, cuman 3 MB aja nunggunyaaaaaaaaaaaa, 10 menit udah termasuk cepet kali! CCF emang mantab lah!

Pas pulang, gue dijemput Papa, Mama, Mbak Lindy, Dianya & Raja. Mereka ngajakin buka puasa di luar. Akhirnya kita ke Nasi Uduk Kota Intan, tapi yang di cabang Kelapa Gading.
Pas nyampe sana, abis mesen segala macem, tiba-tiba ada SMS.

Ah, sebodo deh, ulangan-ulangan dah! Yang penting Muloknya bisa Perancis! Soalnya, kata Nabila, yang Mulok itu bakal dipelajarin selama 3 tahun, ga boleh pindah-pindah lagi, dan si Mulok ini harus bener-bener dipelajarin sampe mahir semahir-mahirnya mahir!
Kalo waktu dulu, kan gue Muloknya Jerman, padahal gue ga punya dasar apa-apa, dan gue juga ga terlalu tertarik banget, kalo itu yang bakal, istilahnya, ditekan abis-abisan, gue mah OGAH.
Abis terima SMS itu, gue langsung jingkrak-jingkrak! Orang-orang di restoran pada ngeliatin gitu, tapi gue cuek aja, seneng banget gue!

Lanjut lagi.
Abis dari makan, kita ke MKG, entah MKG yang mana, 1 kek, 2 kek, 3 kek, ga peduli gue.
Terus disana bonyok ngebeliin baju-baju gituuuuuuuuuuuu! Uhuuuuuuuuuuuyy!
Mantaplah pokoknya! Hari itu gue seneng bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt!!!!!!

Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010

Ooh yeeeeeaaaahhh!!!!!!!!
Tadi sore bikin Tom Yam, gileeeeeeeeeeee, enak bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bikinnya ternyata ga lama-lama amat ya!
Pas buka puasa, gue makannya itu doang lho, ga makan nasi! Tapi Tom Yam-nya nambah 3 kali, bwakakakakakakakakakakaka!
Endang Bambang Sukamti deh!

Untuk semua yang udah Engkau berikan pada hamba, makasih, Ya Allah! Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin!!!!!!


Eh, jangan deh! Gini aja:

(Do NOT ask the reason. Just don't.)

vendredi 13 août 2010

We Almost Raised the Hut's Roof!


Sumpah seneng banget gue hari ini!
Tadi pagi ga jadi ulangan Kimia, terus Bu Eldy ga masuk pas Biologi, dan sama Pak Erlan cuman disuruh gambar bebas doang!
Barusan, gue pulang dari Pizza Hut Kalimalang, abis buka bersama sekalian reuni Razgovarivaet!

Demi apaaaaaaaaaa, tadi itu gokil banget!
Semua rusuhnya minta ampun, sampe orang Pizza Hut-nya minta tolong biar kita pelanan dikit, terus pas udah mulai rusuh yang parah banget, pengunjung lain pada nge-shush kita! Wakakakakakakaka!

Jadi gini, awalnya, yang dateng pertama itu gue. Terus, karena belom ada yang lain, dan Andri masih di jalan, gue nunggu dulu di mobil.. Terus gue bosen, yaudah deh, nekat aja masuk ke Pizza Hut-nya.
Pas udah dikasihtau tempatnya sama orang Pizza Hut, tempatnya itu masih ada anak SMA mana gitu, kayaknya sih SMA Kristen, soalnya pada makan gitu, ah, well, masih gue ini, ya gue duduk aja dulu deket jendela, sambil nungguin yang mau dateng.
Nunggu nunggu nunggu, akhirnya gue liat ada dua cewek, yang satu kok kayaknya pake baju Altisimo noh? Akhirnya, setelah mereka makin deket, ternyata itu Andri & Pipit!!!
Pas mereka menuju gedung Pizza Hut, kayaknya mereka ga liat gue deh di jendela, eh, ternyata ada Pitak juga naik motor, tapi langsung pergi lagi.. Begitu mereka udah naik, kita udah berpelukan a la Teletubbies, si Andri bilang, kalo si Pitak mau jemput Jaja dulu, makanya tadi pergi lagi.
Akhirnya kita bertiga ngobrol-ngobrol dulu, cerita-cerita tentang betapa stresnya di sekolah masing-masing, sambil ngehubungin anak-anak, pada dimana, dateng apa kaga..

Terus mulai banyak yang dateng, ahelah, gue sebutin aja deh yang pada dateng tadi semuanya! Jadi, ada:
~ Gue
~ Andri
~ Pipit
~ Alfira
~ Jaja
~ Pitak
~ Indira
~ Igo
~ Hana
~ Laras
~ Sonya
~ Nabila
~ Farah
~ Arum
~ Retty
~ Shafinaz
~ Hafizh
~ Opik
~ BM
~ Irfan
~ Reno
~ Gadhia
~ Aldi
~ Derryl
~ Izzar
~ Bibir
~ Nofal

Banyak kaaaaaaaaaann??????? Uwooooooooooooooooohhh, bahagia deh gueeee, yang dateng lumayan banget! Yah, biarpun masih banyak sih, temen-temen lain yang ga bisa dateng.. :(

Gila, tadi itu rusuh banget!
Kita bener-bener kayak orang norak!
Teriak-teriak kayak apaan tau lah, saling nyorakin karena suatu hal lah, ngakak kayak orang gila lah, rusuh foto-foto lah, segala macem deh!
Emang pada dasarnya kita kelas berisik, mau pisah kayak gimana juga, pas ketemu, rusuhnya tetep ga ketulungan deh!
Kita kembali kayak waktu masih di Ozone, masih di kelas kita yang bernuansa biru langit, ga ada guru yang ngajar, ruangannya pake 2 AC di bagian kanan tapi ga jalan sama sekali, dengan kipas angin yang sering dimonopoli anak-anak cowok sayap kiri, kita ngerusuh-ngegila-ngebacot bareng-bareng, ga peduli sama sekitar..

Pas udah pada selese makan, kita foto-foto, masih ngobrol kayak apaan tau, rusuhnya malah makin parah, hehehe..
Akhirnya, anak-anak cowok pada mulai pulang deh, beberapa anak cewek juga.. Masih ada banyak sih yang nyisa, tapi cewek-cewek doang, yaitu gue, Andri, Pipit, Nabila, Igo, Sonya, Pitak, Jaja, Laras Arum, Shafinaz, Farah & Retty.. Kita masih ngobrol, ngebahas waktu kita ke Dufan dulu itu lah, curhat lah, cerita tentang sekolah masing-masing, apa pun yang ada di pikiran saat itu lah!

Dan gue pun udah dijemput deh, tapi karena masih pingin ngobrol, yah, Pak Yadi gue minta nunggu aja bentar, hwehehehe..
Begitu udah mulai ga banyak yang bisa diobrolin lagi, yaudah deh, gue & kawan-kawan pada pamitan, yang masih makan di situ ada Arum, Shafinaz, Farah, sama Retty, soalnya mereka tadi datengnya juga telat..
Pas nyampe luar, kita pamitan bareng lagi deh, huhuuuuuuuuuu, sedih banget mesti pisah lagiiiiiiiii... :"((
Huhuuuuuuuu, kita udah berbulan-bulan ga ketemu, dan sekarang udah mesti pisah lagi..
Rasanya ga pingin pisaaaaaaaaaahhh... Ga pingin balik ke kelas masing-masing di sekolah masing-masing, pinginnya tuh kita sekelas lagi, duduk bareng lagi (terutama gue sama lo, Ndriiiiiiii!!!!!), ngaco bareng lagi, ngakak bareng lagi, serius mikir bareng lagi, kerjasama bareng lagi, semuanya bareng lagi deh!
Ah, sayangnya, semua itu cuma angan-angan, ga mungkin bisa kejadian lagi.. Yang bisa kita lakuin ya cuman ngumpul-ngumpul kayak gini, entah kapan lagi..

Ya Allah, terima kasih tiada terkira karena udah bikin acara buka bersama kami kali ini lancar!
RV, makasih seribut-ributnya buat yang dateng dan ngeramein acara tadi!
RV, buat yang ga dateng, wish you were there with us, guys!

Semoga kita bisa bikin acara kayak gini lagi, dan tetep jadi kelas terkompak di #31 Ozone sampe tua sekalipun, AMIN!


mercredi 11 août 2010

Forgiveness: The Hate-stopper

Okay. What a weird title.
Ah, whatever.

Today, I just learned about something called forgiveness.
There was no clue, that today, would be that day. The day where I can finally reconcile with someone, whom I used to have hostile feelings towards.
FYI, that person is not RRB1, okay? Hahaha, it's not him, but kind of related to him.
That person is a girl.
She's younger than me.
But she's the one who decided to make the first move to apologize.
Which is a really big thing. At least, for me.

Not that I'm feeling guilty or what, it's just, that, if I was her, it wouldn't be easy. Apologizing like that needs a lot of courage for me to do.

I may be rude & blunt in my words, but in real life, I'm not that brave. To apologize and admitting my mistakes to a person, whom I'm not really close with. No, no, no, I think I'm not that brave.
I salute her for that.

Gawd, did we talk for some serious time!
I didn't realize that she's not that bad, until I really talked to her.

I know, don't judge a book by it's cover, yeah, yeah. I learn that, the hard way. Trust me.
It's not just about her, when my judgement is wrong. There are lots of things that I misjudged. I misjudged Adam, I misjudged 9.11, I misjudged 10.2, I misjudged some of my new friends, and many other things that I just couldn't think of right now.

Shit, I'm missing my points here!

Okay. The points are:
~ This first day of Ramadhan, really brought something useful for me, which is a new friend. (I guess?)
~ I learned that sometimes, all we have to do is forgive.
~ I learned that we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. (Again.)
~ I learned that, God's way to reconcile one and another, is really really strange and unexpected.
~ I learned that, some jerks just can't stop being jerks. (LOL!)

Yeah, well, that's it for now, guys!
Sorry if I had any typos or whatever it is that is just so wrong in your eyes.
Sorry, 'kay? Because I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT.
Peace the fuck out!

vendredi 6 août 2010

New School, New Class, New Friends, Same Brain?

Internet rumah gue kaco abis kemaren, terus komputer Mas Arief juga nge-hang mulu, jadinya gue ga bisa terhubung dengan dunia mayaaaaaaa!!!!!! Dan gue baru sempet nge-post sekarang deh.. :(
Gue pingin nyeritain tentang suatu hari yang lumayan seru di 10.2.

I forgot to tell all of you, that now I'm officially A SENIOR-HIGH SCHOOLER!!!!

And now, I'm lost in 10.2!
Have anyone notice, that my class' name sounds a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit like Cinta Laura's accent if she says "Tentu" ?
Ah, well, whatever.

Back to our main topic,
hari itu tanggal 5 Agustus 2010, dan kita ga belajar.
Karena ada 2 kakak kelas, anak 12 KI yang meninggal dunia, terus guru-guru pada ngelayat. Anak-anak KI juga, dan nanti perwakilan dari masing-masing kelas RSBI nyusul.

I repeat, J.A.R.A.N.G.

Well, ga sepenuhnya jam kosong sih, pas Agama, Pak Mahroji masuk, terus hafalan ayat-ayat, tapi gue ga sempet maju karena belom afal. Abis itu lanjut ngebahas bab selanjutnya & nyatet apa yang keluar dari mulutnya, mesti cepet, ga ada pengulangan! Kamfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!!!!!!!!!! Enak banget nyuruh kita kalo kerja itu mesti apa-apa harus cepet! Coba kalo dia yang mesti kayak gitu, BISA KAGA?!!
Pas jamnya kepotong istirahat, dia keluar, USB-nya ditinggal, terus kita buka-buka deh, ngeliat, siapa tau ada kunci jawaban ulangan! Banyak soal-soal sih, tapi karena ga ngerti mana yang buat kita, dan karena pada jujur-jujur semua, jadi kita cuman buka-buka aja, ga di-copy ke USB siapa pun.. Ah, coba gue bawa USB, gue copy dah! :p

Nah, pokoknya, kecuali jam Agama, pas jam-jam sebelum & sesudahnya, ga ada guru!!!!!!!!!!
Kita jadinya mengisi kekosongan dengan...
Seru deh!

Dan dari situ, gue baru tau, kalo anak-anak cowok kelas gue tuh ga kayak anak-anak cowok di Ozone dulu, yang demenannya Lost Kids, Pee Wee Gaskins, ato band-band indie-apalah-itu-yang-gue-ga-tau-dan-ga-peduli. (Sori ya, kalo ada yang suka indie. I'm just not into it.)
Ternyata mereka banyak yang suka/fine-fine aja sama lagu-lagu dari Glee, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, dan banyak lagi, yang gue kira cuman anak cewek doang yang suka!
Ada ya, salah satu temen sekelas gue, namanya Radit (huhuuuuuuuuuu, jadi inget Didiiiiiiiiitt.. Dia sekarang makin cakep lho, gue liat fotonya dari BBM Mbak Lindy!), itu isi BB-nya kebanyakan lagu cewek, bo'! Ada Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls, macem-macem deh! Gileeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Yang model Gerra, TM, gitu-gitu deh, juga pada nanya, ada Glee ga, ato ada Alejandro ga, wah, sumpah, GUE TAKJUB SETAKJUB-TAKJUBNYA TAKJUB!
Ga cuman pake hape gue sih, pake BB Radit, BB Xenia, iPod Rangga/Dito (gue ga ngerti itu punya siapa).. Kalo pas yang ambil alih Rangga sih, lagu-lagunya pada Pee Wee dkk. semua, tapi pas gue ato Radit, ga gitu..
Cuman, kocak deh, biarpun model Pee Wee begitu, di iPod itu ada juga instrumental-nya My Heart Will Go On!
JEDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARR!!!!!!! Gubrak aja deh gue.

Seinget gue tuh, beberapa lagu yang diputer ada:
~ Glee
~ Lady Gaga
~ Ke$ha
~ Train
~ Taylor Swift
~ Mocca
~ Paramore
~ Katy Perry
~ Timbaland
~ Cash Cash
~ Shakira
~ Maliq & D'Essentials
~ Ten2five
~ Owl City
Pokoknya banyak deh!!!

Waktu gue yang jadi MJ (wakaka, apabanget.. Itu sebutan gue untuk yang ngatur lagu di kelas, alias Music Jockey), kan pas jam-jam awal & terakhir tuh, nah, pas jam awalnya, harusnya pelajaran Fisika, mana ada rumor bakal ulangan pula, tapi karena Bu Elluth (wali kelas sekaligus guru Fisika gue yang ga asik & ga enak banget ngajarnya) ga dateng-dateng, ya lanjut aja, tapi tetep deg-degan sih, takut tiba-tiba ada guru piket ngecek ke kelas-kelas. Jadi tiap sebentar, gue langsung parno, tiap ada yang buka pintu kelas, langsung bertampang horor, dikit-dikit keluar kelas, ngintip, ada guru dateng apa kaga, bwakakakaka!

Trus pas jam terakhir, jam PKN, kan kita pindah ke ruangan lain, kirain bakal ada Pak Karya, taunya kaga! YAAAAAYY!!!!!!
Lanjut aja deh, nyetel lagu-lagunya!

Sumpah deh, waktu kelas 9.11 dulu aja, serunya ga secepet ini, tapi pada akhirnya bisa kompak banget.. Semoga keseruan yang lumayan cepet ini merupakan salah satu tanda-tanda bahwa kelas ini nanti bisa lebih kompak & lebih seru lagi!

Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyy!!! Gue juga seneng, soalnya gue bisa nyebarin virus Glambert ke Xenia & Safira!!! Safira emang udah rada suka sih, jadi, makin gue kompor-komporin aja deh!

Dan akhirnya, bel pulang pun berkumandang. (Apabet bahasanya!)
Huhuuuuuuuuu, besok-besok udah ga mungkin kayak gini lagi.
Kita udah harus belajar lagi, pusing lagi, ulangan lagi, tugas lagi.
Ga mungkin lagi ada saat dimana guru ga dateng beberapa jam pelajaran berturut-turut, sekolah sepi, dan bisa nyetel lagu di kelas kayak gitu.

Kapan ya, bisa kayak gitu lagi? ;(