jeudi 11 mars 2010

Have I Told You This?

Seriously, every-freakin'-thing about him is just too awesome! Well, except for the fact that he's a gay, but, OH-SCREW-MYSELF! WHATEVER, even the way he reacts to all those negative comments about his sexual orientation is seriously cool! I mean, he'd never take all those haters too seriously, no matter what they would say about him. Gawd, talking about some attitude!

This guy is GREAT!
His voice? Out of this world. *fainted*
His appearance? Gawd, another serious bad boy is in the building!
His style? One-of-a-kind.
His attitude? From the outside, you might have thought that he's like, this haughty, cold-hearted, and rude rock star, but if you search carefully on Youtube for his concerts and interviews, then you'll find that he is actually nice, humble, friendly, and funny! Not to mention that he likes to communicate & joke with his fans (see his iheartradio performances for the serious proofs)..

OMFG! He's my obsession currently.
I had to sweep aside Edward, David, Keram, Gaspard, and the others for a while, just for this Devil from Heaven!
Why Devil from Heaven? I don't know, the Devil, maybe because he acts and behaves (most of the time) like he doesn't care about other people, he just does whatever he wants to, and says things out loud, and that, just lead people to think that he's rude and sometimes impolite.
But from Heaven? Because he is actually a really nice person. He is very out-going, confident, and, argh, 'nuff said. I'll have nosebleed if I keep on writing them, haha!

The point is, he is insanely gorgeous! He has what it takes to be admired as an entertainer and a role model in this music industry. With his own way, he drives people crazy, whether in positive ways, or the negative ones.

For those who hated him, just because he is gay, oh, I hope you all go to hell!
For God's sake, no matter what your religion is, what your job is, we SHOULD NOT judge someone ONLY from their sexual preferences, especially if that person is an entertainer, and I mean, a REALLY GOOD ONE.
Judge them by what they're good at, by what they have worked out so far. Listen/watch/pay some attention at their creation or their job first, not from their status or choices. STFO of their private life, people. Puh-leez!
We're living in the same planet, and we're breathing the same air, so, be fair to each other, guys!

Hufft.. I feel really relieved after writing this down, wow.
Well then, signing out, bye!
By the way, love you, Adam! (as always!)

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