vendredi 3 décembre 2010


I'm thinking of changing this blog's template, and maybe a lot more things.
I'm starting to realize, this is just an ordinary blog, not a fashion blog I intended on making.
It's not that I'll delete this blog or anything, it's just that, I used to brag about how I love fashion, how I wanted to be a designer, and stuff, but not even once, have I posted something related to fashion.
That is my biggest mistake of all.

So I want to make this blog truly about my life.
Not a blog that suggests that it's a fashion blog, yet the contents are not about fashion.
That's stupid. I'm stupid.

But the blog makeunder will be done in some time later, because I'm still fuckin' hectic with all the exams, remedials, tests, and competitions hanging around my head.

And about the real fashion blog, I still want to make one, but, as you all know, time flees fast, so maybe not now.

Yeah yeah, another brows-raising post, eh?
Don't worry, it means, I'm still normal.

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