jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Hey, Y'all!

Look look! I've changed my blog template! Yeah, it's still monotone and boring, but I seriously blame it on that stupid Template Designer which didn't load at all, even after I waited for almost a century! You doofuss! -_______-"
I'm still trying to work on it, so, just wait!

You know, I just got my report today! Oh, it's already 3 in the morning, so that makes it yesterday..
Well, some of the indicators don't pass on the minimum score, but they're not one of those Science Program subjects or Social Program subjects, so, I still thank God for them!

I didn't go to CCF. -.-'
Why? Because I had a car accident while going there. We're okay, but thanks to my stupid Mas Bayu, our car was damaged on its front. He said he was really sleepy, and he just woke up when our car hit the sidewalk. Great, Mas. Great.

I formerly wanted to tell you all the details about my News Casting Competition at Bakrie University last week, but after I was stuck at some point when I was writing the draft, I decided to sum it up because I'm just too lazy to describe every single thing about it.

On D-day (Thursday, December 9, 2010), I came to the Bakrie University too early. A bit sucked, I had to wait like, an hour in the car, because I didn't want to get inside the university and just stood there like an idiot without no one to talk to.
Skip it, and I successfully mingled (sounds so desperate, doesn't it?) with some participants, they're really nice! Of course there are a few of them that I didn't really like, but, whatever!
Skip it, and my turn to perform finally arrived! Aaaaarrgh, I felt seriously fucking nervous, I was number 3, for crying out loud! After I finished, I felt super relieved!
Me and my new friends took hundreds of pictures with one of my friend's laptop while we were waiting for the judges to count our scores, it was really really fun! We also exchanged numbers and Facebook accounts to keep in touch after the competition.
Finally, the Announcement of the Semi-Final Participants! There were nineteen participants for it, but there would only be ten participants for the Semi-Final round. I thought, "Oh shit, I'm definitely gonna be one of the nine participants that don't make it."
But I got the seventh place! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
If you were there, I'm sure you'd laugh your asses off when you saw my face! I was shocked, and I'm 100% sure that my facial expression looked so stupid!

On the Semi-Final Round that was held on Saturday, the finalists had to report the surroundings from a video, and each participant got a different video. The committee sent us some materials for our own video the night before, so we could study it and wouldn't feel really nervous on stage. I got the materials for some series of explosions in Detroit's chemical plant, wew.
And once again, I came too early, and I had to wait for an hour again. -_________-"
When we all gathered while waiting for the competition to start, I watched my friends' preparations, and for the love of God, they were soooooooooo well-prepared! I, myself, all I did after I got the materials was just summarizing them. After that, I made my own news based on that summary, that's it! And Gawd, they were so much better than me!
The participants for the Final round were going to be reduced to just four participants. Four out of ten! Damn. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't make it again.
But in the end, I was wrong, again. I got the second place! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghh!

The Final round was held on the same day with the Semi-Final round, and our task is Brain Challenge!
Basically, the Brain Challenge was about debate! DAAAAAAAAAAMN!
And now, in a friggin' News Casting Competition, I have to debate??!!! What the fuck does that suppose to mean??!!! *throw some plates*
Inhale, exhale, Lu. Calm down, calm down.
This Final round was divided into two parts. One-on-one and two-on-two.
The first part, we were separated into two groups. I was debating with Kak Adlina, and Gloria was debating with Sarah. After my performance, I felt like a loser. The second part, Gloria and I were teamed, while Kak Adlina was partnered with Sarah. After that performance, I felt like a loser even more, because I didn't do any good for my team. I sucked more than Michael do. (Who's Michael? I'll tell you later! >.<)
And finally, I was right! I didn't win anything in the end of the competition. The First Champion is Gloria (You deserve it, girl!), the Second is Sarah, and the Third is Kak Adlina.
Yeah yeah yeah, that sucks, but it's actually okay, you know. I mean, Gloria & Sarah are already in eleventh grade, and Kak Adlina is already in twelfth grade, while I still have two more years to go through. I can always win other competition later, right? I may not win today, but I will win tomorrow.

When I went home, I texted my parents, Mbak Lara, Alya, Desti, Nabila, April, Radit, Indra, Saras, etc. I told them that I didn't make it to be one of the champions. My friends cheered me up, Mbak Lara too, and my Dad said, "It's okay. You've already done a great job."
But my Mom! Oh, Mama! Do you know what did she say to me?
Dear Lulu,
To Mama, Papa, and all of your siblings, for you to just finally made it to the final, it already means that you are a champion. If you didn't win, it's only a matter of numbers, right? I'm always proud of you, honey, AND I LOVE YOU.
You know that even when I knew I didn't win, I still feel happy, not even sad, well, just a bit disappointed at myself, but just a bit! Like, only 5-10 percent. But immediately after I read that friggin' message from my Mom, the river started to come down!
Well, my driver didn't know, because he was busy driving and I hid my face while crying in silent, hwehehehe...
Damn! I thought I didn't really want this, but the truth turns out to be different, I DID want to win so bad. :/
You may think that the message doesn't really feel sad or anything, but it surely works on me! Even as I translate it to English just now, I feel like I want to cry again, hahahaha!

Now, let's continue to the "unyu" part of the blog!
I mentioned something about Michael, right? Now I'll tell you who Michael is.
From Wednesday to Friday, I read this comic in Mangafox. Pheeew, it has been a long time since the last time I opened Mangafox.
Okay, then, I found this manhwa called Model, by Lee So Young, after I searched for comics that related to several categories (ehem.).
When I saw the cover, I thought, "Heeee, I've seen that cover before, but where? Was it in here, in Mangafox, or in a bookstore? Ah, well, I'll just read it anyway."
At first, the art was a tad bit weird, I'm not used to read comics with that kind of art. But the summary attracted me so much, that I kept reading it.

It is a story about a Korean girl who studies Art in Europe (never been mentioned, but I think it's in UK, particularly..). One day, her friend brought a strange drunk guy to their apartment and left that guy there. She dislikes it, but agrees eventually.
That night, she had this weird dream where that drunk guy drinks her blood. She thought it was just a dream, but when it turns out to be real, her world is changing drastically.

Well, I'm not gonna tell you all the rest, if you're interested, you'll just have to read it yourself!
The point is, I, once again, misjudged this comic. I thought it's going to be just an ordinary vampire-ish comic, but, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakh, its plot is definitely different than other comics that I have ever read before!
And the guys! OH, THE GUYS! Even if the art is weird, I'm really really mesmerized by their cool attitude, especially Michael and Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
Overall, I still think that it's a great manhwa
. If they sell it in a bookstore here, I'll buy all the series for sure!

Whaaaaat? It's already 6.35 in the morning??! Damn, I better get some sleep.

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