jeudi 20 janvier 2011

Aftermath of TO

Okay, the title is a bit random and weird, so, just ignore it.
It has been four days since I came back from Hambaro village, the location of my school's 40th TO (Observation Trip or whatever you want to call it, I don't care.).
Except for the water problem, and the way our seniors always got angry at us because we weren't discipline enough and shits, TO wasn't so bad, if you ask me..

Yeah,yeah, yeah, another misjudgement of mine.

It was really fun, actually. I mean, when you got a chance to have slumber party/sleepover with your friends four days in a row, and to hang out with them all the time, even the scariest senior wouldn't affect your mood at all, right? You could just laugh with them until your heart hurts, or made a difficult project together until late at night, even when all of you were so tired. Yep, those are the few things that I did there with my team, Logos.

All of them are so much fun, and we've gone through so much excitements together too! I can't imagine being in a team other than Logos. We are all abnormal people, we like laughing to almost everything that can be seen as a joke (eh, what the hell am I trying to say?), we all like to mock each other (of course without any intention to offend one and another), and we are all abnormal people. (I've said it twice, haven't I?)

After we came back, we felt a bit sad. Our fun days and nights are over, we can't laugh together at night like we use to do in Hambaro anymore.. :(
I will miss them so much, even when I can still visit them everyday at school..
I will miss our Danru, Andre. Oh, I mean, Barney! (LOL, it's his nickname that was given by his girlfriend)..
I will miss Risya & Chael, they were the most frequent partners I had when it comes to going to the bathroom. (Eh? Bathroom? That place can't even be counted as bathroom, Lu. -___-")
I will miss Om Chandra & Om Kevin, the jokers in Logos. Can't stop laughing when I remember Kevin's Tusball spielen or the way Chandra plays with Ara's pillow!
I will miss Satrio's flat expression and the way he fails every time he tries to joke.
I will miss Ara, the other person with flat facial expression, but her expression is more like a naive puppy.. ^w^
I will miss Celli, a cute person who sometimes feels like being forgotten, when in fact... Well, all I can say is, I wouldn't call it being forgotten, hehehe..
I will miss Riko, the smartest person in Logos. He used to be such a naive & straightforward person, but after hanging around us, the abnormal people, that sanity of his slowly fades away. Now he can joke things better than when we first knew him, and he smiles & laughs more often, hahaha..

There's actually another girl, Arina, but she couldn't participate in TO because she was ill. :(
Wish you were there with us too, girl..

I' so glad, because in the end, we can put aside all of our differences, and bond as a family. Love you to the bits, guys!

Okay, back to the reality.

A good news in Logos, after TO, Satrio and Chael are officially in a relationship!
What a cute couple! >,<
Not to mention another future couple, Risya and ***, from our Partner Team, Cerebrum. I hope they will finally get together soon!

Hahaha, I just remember this, after TO, I found out that *** went to the same JHS with me! Sorry, ***, I just couldn't remember seeing your face at Ozone, hehehe.. :3

Okay, once again, that was a random thing.

Ngggg, I think I'm a bit stuck here. Ehehehe. Ehehehe. He.
Maybe that's all I can tell for now, I'll post something again later!

I'm in a dilemma.
Next Tuesday, I'm supposed to participate in an English Debate competition at Regina Pacis, but in the very same day, I will have a Math test, about Mathematical Logic! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwd! I'm gonna be so dead, because I still can't get the hang of that freaking subject! *tears falling*
If I attend the competition, I will have to get supplementary test (am I saying the right term?), and that will obviously decrease my chance in working together with my friends (hehehehe, :p), but if I choose to have the Math test together with my friends, I will have to resign from the competition, and I don't want to!
Someone help me get the solution of this shitty shit, please.

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