lundi 4 avril 2011

Book Review: Our Story – Orizuka

Hell-low. I suddenly came back from another hiatus, and suddenly feel the mood to review the last book I just read. Yesterday, I went to Gramedia Matraman with Mbak Lara, I could buy all the books I wanted, on her expenses, because it was for my birthday presents. :D


So, one of the books that I bought, is Our Story, a novel by Orizuka.

This author also wrote the novel Summer Breeze, you know, like the movie which Chandrawinata brothers starred in? Yeah, well, whatever. I haven't seen that movie, though..

Well, I wasn’t attracted to this book because of its author’s success or such thing, I was attracted to it because of its story line. Hmm, dunno, when I opened its pages, I stopped at this page, and when I read it, haha, I just got drown into it.

Okay, there are 4 main characters here, and one of them, named Ferris, was following another one of the main characters, called Mei, out from their school. He followed her, and he dragged her off the street (not actually dragged her like cruelly grabbing her hair and made her scream or something) when she was just about to get in to an expensive-looking car. He pushed her into his car, and drove to the highway, ignoring all her curses towards him. When Mei couldn’t get any answers of why did Ferris do that, he suddenly took an envelope from his car dashboard, and gave it to Mei. She was very confused when she saw 3 millions in it, and she couldn’t believe her own ears when Ferris reminded her, that once, she told him about her “price”, 1 million for 3 hours, and 2 millions for one night stand, aaaand, because there were 3 millions in the envelope, well, you do the math.



I put that book straight into my Gramedia bag.

When I got back to my home, I went straight to the sofa in my room, and read Our Story from the beginning, until the end. I even had to sacrifice my dinner time, and got a pretty bad heartburn because of that.

The whole story really wasn’t about something explicit or anything. I myself, even found it really innocent, honest, decent and realistic. You really have to read it for yourself, if you want to know what I mean. The language in it is actually pretty blunt though, and that’s what makes it so readable in my eyes, and in teenagers’ eyes these days, I think.

There are absolutely a few unyu moments that will make you smile, and lots of moments that will make you laugh. The ending is sweet, really, and it is a happy ending too. Seriously, I mean, if something didn’t go just as I thought & wanted it to be, I wouldn’t call it a happy ending, but aaaaanyway, because it really satisfied my expectations...

I gave this novel: ★★★★


After I read it, I just really like it!

But maybe, later, when Mockingjay or Syren are available in Indonesian version, this book's pretty high rating will get shifted in no time.

Maybe you think that I'm being stupid, because, if I understand English, why do I still have to wait for the Indonesian version of those novels, when their English version have already been released in stores?

Well, FYI, I'm not, I repeat, I am not trying to defend myself here, but I just hate not to understand a book or novel that I would really like to read seriously because I have to bother myself looking for some terms in dictionary or whatever, that's why I prefer "big" novels in Indonesian, even if I can understand English perfectly. But I won't refuse a simple & light books that are in English. :3

Well, gotta go, Dad's calling me to have some dinner! :*

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