vendredi 6 février 2009

Such A Weird Post!

Duh, it's been a long time since i wrote my last post. Almost 2 weeks, eh?
Well, now, i don't know what to say...
Am I happy? No, thanks.
Sad? Not really.
Stress? Errr, maybe. Maybe that's what I feel right now.

Okay, now, focus, Lu, focus.

You know that news reading contest? The one that I mentioned in my older post? Well, I've won it, and the next Sunday, I continued to the semi final round.
Uurgh, my opponents were looked like friggin smarter than me, and they wore those blazers, that surely makes them looked waaay professional and all ready, while I looked so dumb! I only wore my batik uniform, man!
I was sooo fuckin' nervous about it, because I was the seventh contestant!
"This is absolutely not my lucky day! This is my final stop.", that's the "sacred sentence" I always repeated in my mind.
I know that we should think positively, but I don't really agree with that belief. The reason is because, when people think positively, and then having a "bitter pill" result, most of them will grieve over it deeper than people who had think inversely. People who think not-so-positively won't have an anguish if they gets "the bitter pill", plus, when they gets a delightful result, the happiness would be the same as the positive-thinker's happiness if they gets a pleasant result too. Well, that's my opinion..

Back to the future! The result is, well, you can call me an oracle now, for having that "I will definitely lose this time!" thought became true, because I didn't win.

Frankly, I don't really mind if I was defeated by some well-english-speaking students, but all of my rivals were actually weird, weird and weird! The girls, were like so weird, ugly (Oops! No hard feelings!), and so lame, while the boys, SO SISSY, SISTER!!! There's a boy, he had this moustache, but still, he read the news like a girl, no, hermaphrodite! Hwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Well, I'm not going to cried over spilt milk. Moreover, I think I'll just have to be grateful about it, cause this is enough, I'm too tired for doing all of those practices, or to restrain my madness & panicity, it's just too hard... Maybe not that hard, but for now, I just wanna get some rest, cool down a little bit.. I've already live my school life distressfully, and the only thing that could set my mind at rest is home. I won't waste that pleasure. Live your life to the fullest!

Umm, enough for that overly-emotional paragraphs, let's continue to the wild side of the island!!!!!

Today, or I can say, yesterday (looking at the time, hoho!), I had this stupid shit math test. Urgh! It was so hard! But, me and my friends were cheating on it. Haha, yay for us!!!
I was like aaalways looking at my friend's answers, and she was like borrowing my phone to use the calculator (because her phone is PDA, and it's kinda hard to open the calculator quickly...) under the table every time that seriously-cruel-evil teacher turn his face away and pay no attention to us.

That seriously-cruel-evil teacher, or we can call by his name, Mr. Deady, said that he will count to 10 (or 5? Well, I am a forgetful person, haha!), and then we have to collect all the tests to him.

Oh my God, what the fuck??! The bell hasn't ring yet, you mangy oldster!
Therefore, we have to copy each others' tests as quick as we can! Thank God, we did it perfectly without being found out! Yay again!!!

Hmm, enough for today, look at the time! It's not like I'm tired now and after turn this computer off i'll go to bed straight away, I'm just too lazy to continue on this. Ah, you know what I mean...
Well, I guess I'm off now!

Saturday, February 7, 2009 3:10

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